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Could you realize the distinction between small barrel bats and ones with big barrels?

An easton xl3 big barrel baseball bat

Bats which players use during a game are not same, while some individuals prefer bats having barrels in small sizes, just bats whose barrels are bigger are others’ priorities. Their decision is mainly made after taking equipment requirements and performance target into consideration.

In addition, the market currently offers you a variety of brands. So many trademarks may cause a little confusion to you if you are new to this sport or do not get enough experience of picking up bats. This is absolutely contrary to my acquaintance’s case.

Since the Easton brand leaves a very good impression on her and she is a big fan of it, for instance, it is understandable providing that she selects the Easton xl3 big barrel baseball bat suitable for her younger sister’s practice. Based on how much you are willing to pay for a bat together with your own appreciation, your bat choice will be no longer a big concern.

An easton xl3 big barrel baseball bat

(Image: An easton xl3 big barrel baseball bat)

The article will help you take a quick look at the two types of bat – big barrel and small barrel bats.

** Material

When it comes to baseball bats regardless of their barrels being small or big made up of which material, you still have so many selections and definitely will decide one which you like amongst them.

In general, the most popular materials include aluminum, composite or hybrid with each one having its own advantages and disadvantages.

Bats made of aluminum are not only light weight but also sturdy which also can be found at composite bats. However, as for composite bats, you need to break in before use and its performance is enhanced during the time period of use.

Another kind of bat is alloy bats which materials are a combination of aluminum and other chemical elements. Therefore, they are much more durable and capable of enduring environmental agents well.

Last but not least, we mention the material of hybrid as a perfect coordination of just two different materials in one baseball bat, for example, its handle is made from composite while its barrel is made up of alloy in order to exploit the most superb characteristics of both of those materials.


Why makers come up with the idea of designing bat barrels in various sizes. Generally, the diameter of a big barrel baseball bat is around 2.75 inches, which simultaneously means that the higher possibility for you to feel and determine the sweet spot on the barrel. In other words, you will have more opportunities to be able to hit a ball exactly.

Bearing such feature, the baseball bat is preferred by a number of parents as their offspring are given a very nice recommendation for their practice, especially from the age of 13 to 15.

Other available diameters of bat barrels could be about 2.625 inches and 2.25 inches. The dimension of 2.25 is considered as that of a small barrel bat which is widely used by young players in little leagues.

No matter how large the barrel of a baseball bat is, you have two selections, one is an one- piece bat and another is a bat with two- piece construction. Which one you should pick up is dependent on what type of hitter you are, a power hitter or a contact hitter.

You may wonder whether or not your favorite brand supplies both small barrel and big barrel baseball bats for your consideration. If it is the case, you do not have to worry about that anymore since well known trademarks, such as Rawlings, De Marini, Easton,…do offer all of these ones.

The rest of the article will analyze certain strengths and weaknesses of a baseball bat with its barrel in small size along with a big barrel bat.

Pros and cons of each type


It seems more noticeable for most of you to realize the advantages of a standard sized barrel bat. The fact that barrel part is not too big will ensure the distribution of bat weight is even.

Thus, as a whole, the bat is more likely to be lighter in weight in comparison with one having its big barrel. Children probably prefer a small barrel bat. Moreover, a light bat certainly gives more comfort to you when you swing or your ability to control the bat is also better.

However, an outstanding pros of a big barrel bat is that it has a larger sweet spot which provides a greater chance to contact balls and helps you deliver a far hit.


Even though big barrel baseball bats assist your bat in contacting balls more effectively, you might have trouble making a bat swing and controlling the direction of the bat as well. Providing that you have a good physical health plus vital experience in directing the bat, you could give this bat type a try.

Additionally, due to the fact that the weight of the big barrel bat is not evenly distributed, a hitter tends to swing the bat at a slower speed. In fact, many leagues do not accept this bat kind, so before entering any competition, you are advised to be clear about which bat is permitted to use at which game.

The comparison between small barrel bats and big barrel ones is just relative and eventually, your decision is given after taking a number of factors into consideration.

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