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The weaknesses of a wood softball bat

Softball bats are usually made of aluminum and wood. Each material has its own advantages, thus bat choice is not same for all players. While wood was the only option decades ago, more and more selections have been now available for you.  In this article, we will make a comparison among them in some aspects to assist you to more easily pick the best softball bat.

  1. Wood bats

+ Wood bats appear earliest in the market before the arrival of other alternatives in later periods and those ones are often selected by professionals in leagues which mention this type of softball bat as the only one permitted to be used. Over a certain time period, bats made of any other materials but wood are banned by softball associations since metal bats, for example, are assumed to cause serious injuries for players in games.

+ Additionally, the possibility when balls contact bats for farther hits is a factor which is really essential for power hitters. For hitters aiming at their improvements in ball- bat contacts, wood bats will be a wise choice. You could absolutely change to other bats when necessary during your training program without having to be afraid of the matter – bat cost.

+ After buying bats made of this material, you can use them right away. Unlike other sorts of softball bat, purchasers need to break in them following manufacturer’s guides so that those new bats are ready to be used as well as you can maximize bat effectiveness.

The weaknesses of a wood softball bat

The weaknesses of a wood softball bat

Nevertheless, wood bats have some certain disadvantages when compared to metal ones, including:


+ Their sweet spots are smaller, which affects your possibility to hit balls in an exact way; in other words, your performance may be decreased in plays.

+ Wood bats may not allow hitters to swing bats at the fastest speed due to the fact that the barrels of these bats are not hollow, resulting in their balance points of wood bats with different weights being the same. In fact, if the balance point position is closer to the handle, players can swing bats more easily with higher speed of swing.

  1. Aluminum Bats

Aluminum bats have been used since the 1970s with undeniable benefits which they bring.

+ On the contrary to wood bats, these ones can be swung easily and once players swing bats faster, the speed of balls off bats is also much higher. This good property plus the low weight of an aluminum bat actually improve bat speed in general.

+ When having a contact between a ball and a bat, the trampoline effect occurs. This effect happens when the softball springs off the bat at their collision. Aluminum bats have softer barrels than wood ones, so softballs will come off bats faster as they just do not lose much of their energy. The hollow constructions of these bats allow bats not to put a strong force on balls or balls are not much compressed leading to their smaller sizes and less energy.


In comparison with wood bats, aluminum ones help to hit balls farther

In comparison with wood bats, aluminum ones help to hit balls farther

+ The next strong point needed to be stressed is that there is high likelihood that sweet spots on aluminum bats are wider. Ways to recognize a difference in the widths of sweet spots on these bats are based on how players feel and observation of a change in actual performance. However, the final official conclusion whether the size of an aluminum bat’s sweet spot is larger than that of others or not is controversial.

+ If compared to wood bats, aluminum bats do not have a tendency to break too easily because of their handle designs. The handles are thin tubes in cylindrical shapes covered by thick enough walls, whereas the barrels with less thicker walls may be dented after impact, but it is really hard for them to be broken. Bat manufacturers often release wood bats having thin handles at the moment present, so bats could be broken if their middle parts are under high influence.

For the individuals who are brand new to this sport, a softball bat made of aluminum is not a bad idea. In addition to material, you should collect more information on how to choose a bat in a direct correlation with your body as well as your purpose of softball playing.

Although aluminum bats have a large number of advantages, one thing you need to bear in mind that the more you use these bats, the more negative effects you have on them.

To pick the right bat for you, you should combine your knowledge on bat choice with your experience got from actual bat use. Moreover, you should not hesitate to decide a change in types of softball bat according to your practice targets in different periods.

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